Table of Contents

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Unscented Approaches

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion: an Unscented Least Squares Approach

Jemin George, Lance Kaplan

Gaussian Sum Unscented Kalman Filter with Adaptive Scaling Parameters

Ondřej Straka, Jindřich Duník, Miroslav Šimandl

Nonlinear Filtering Update Phase Via the Single Point Truncated Unscented Kalman Filter

Ángel García-Fernández, Mark Morelande, Jesús Grajal

Marginalized Sigma-Point Filtering

Fredrik Sandblom, Lennart Svensson

State Estimation with Nonlinear Inequality Constraints Based on Unscented Transformation

Jian Lan, X. Rong Li

Extended Object and Group Target Tracking: Part 1

The Single-Group PHD Filter: an Analytic Solution

Anthony Swain, Daniel Clark

Estimating the Shape of Targets with a PHD Filter

Christian Lundquist, Karl Granström, Umut Orguner

Reconstructing Evolutionary Modular Networks From Time Series Data

Navid Bazzazzadeh, Benedikt Brors, Roland Eils

Extended Target Tracking with a Cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

Umut Orguner, Christian Lundquist, Karl Granström

An Extended Target Tracking Method with Random Finite Set Observations

Hongyan Zhu, Chongzhao Han, Chen Li

Target Tracking: Novel Dynamic Models

Optimal Parameterization of Posterior Densities Using Homotopy

Jonas Hagmar, Mats Jirstrand, Lennart Svensson, Mark Morelande

State Propagation for Targets Moving in Ground Terrain

Egils Sviestins

On the Probability Distribution of a Moving Target. Asymptotic and Non-Asymptotic Results

Mathieu Chouchane, Sébastien Paris, François Le Gland, Christian Musso, Dinh–Tuan Pham

N-body Filtering for Road Tracking Using a Car Following Model

Mahendra Mallick, Steve Rubin, Jorge Laval

Efficient Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

Engin Masazade, Ruixin Niu, Pramod Varshney

A Cooperative Transmission Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks with On-Off Scheduling Schemes

Chi-Tsun Cheng, Henry Leung

Collaborative Communication Control Based on Sensor Data Management in WSN

Xinwei Wang, Ole Bischoff, Rainer Laur, Steffen Paul

Decentralized Data Selection for MAP Estimation: a Censoring and Quantization Approach

Eric Msechu, Georgios Giannakis


Optimal Neyman-Pearson Fusion in Two-dimensional Sensor Networks with Serial Architecture and Dependent Observations

Jorge Plata-Chaves, Marcelino Lázaro, Antonio Artés-Rodríguez

Performance Analysis of Wald's SPRT with Independent but Non-Stationary Log-Likelihood Ratios

Yu Liu, X. Rong Li

Sequential Conformal Anomaly Detection in Trajectories Based on Hausdorff Distance

Rikard Laxhammar, Göran Falkman

A Novel Measure for Data Stream Anomaly Detection in a Bio-Surveillance System

Albert Ko, Anne-Laure Jousselme, Patrick Maupin

Evaluation of Techniques for Uncertainty Representation

GRP1. a Recursive Fusion Operator for the Transferable Belief Model

Gavin Powell, Matthew Roberts

Joint Data Management for MOVINT Data-to-Decision Making

Erik Blasch, Stephen Russell, Guna Seetharaman

Who Dunnit? an Appraisal of Two People Matching Techniques

Dafni Stampouli, Matthew Roberts, Gavin Powell

Evaluating Uncertainty Representation and Reasoning in HLF Systems

Paulo Costa, Rommel Carvalho, Kathryn Laskey, Cheol Park

Understanding and Exploiting Quality of Information in Networked Information Fusion Systems

QoI-based Resource Allocation for Multi-Target Tracking in Energy Constrained Sensor Networks

Srikanth Hariharan, Chatschik Bisdikian, Lance Kaplan, Tien Pham

Constrained Conditional Models for Information Fusion

Gourab Kundu, Dan Roth, Rajhans Samdani

Provenance-driven Data Dissemination in Disruption Tolerant Networks

Mudhakar Srivatsa, Wei Gao, Arun Iyengar

Real-time Capacity of Networked Data Fusion

Forrest Iandola, Fatemeh Saremi, Tarek Abdelzaher, Praveen Jayachandran, Aylin Yener

Operational Information Content Sum Capacity: Formulation and Examples

Ertugrul Ciftcioglu, Aylin Yener, Ramesh Govindan, Konstantinos Psounis

Pattern Analysis for Situational Awareness

Top-Down Abduction for Behavior Detection in GMTI Data

Jacob Crossman, Michael Quist, Richard Frederiksen, Pat McLaughlin

On the Application of Multiple Hypothesis Tracking to the Cyber Domain

Stefan Schwoegler, Jared Holsopple, Sam Blackman, Michael Hirsch

Mission Cyber Security Situation Assessment Using Impact Dependency Graphs

Gabriel Jakobson

Spacio-Temporal Situation Assessment for Mobile Robots

Anders Beck, Claus Risager, Nils Andersen, Ole Ravn

A Blackboard Architecture for Data-Intensive Information Fusion Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Gautam Shroff, Saurabh Sharma, Puneet Agarwal, Shefali Bhat

Particle Filtering 1

The Benefits of Down-Sampling in the Particle Filter

Fredrik Gustafsson, Saikat Saha, Umut Orguner

Uniform Sampling for Multiple Target Tracking

Mark Morelande, Alan Zhang

Introducing the Laplace Approximation in Particle Filtering

Christian Musso, Paul Bui Quang, François Le Gland

Implementation and Performance of a Parallel Multitarget Tracking Particle Filter

Vesselin Jilkov, Jiande Wu

Extended Object and Group Target Tracking: Part 2

A Novel Sequential Monte Carlo Approach for Extended Object Tracking Based on Border Parameterisation

Nikolay Petrov, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Amadou Gning, Donka Angelova

Tracking Multiple Extended Objects-a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach

Eric Richter, Marcus Obst, Michael Noll, Gerd Wanielik

Histogram PMHT with Target Extent Estimates Based on Random Matrices

Monika Wieneke, Samuel Davey

Extended Target Tracking Using Principal Components

Johan Degerman, Johannes Wintenby, Daniel Svensson

Shape Tracking of Extended Objects and Group Targets with Star-Convex RHMs

Marcus Baum, Uwe Hanebeck

Target Tracking: Novel Measurement Updates

General Bayes Filtering of Quantized Measurements

Ronald Mahler

Exact Out-of-Sequence Processing Using the Information Filter

Felix Govaers, Wolfgang Koch

Credibilistic IMM Likelihood Updating Applied to Outdoor Vehicle Robust Ego-Localization

Dominique Gruyer, Evangeline Pollard

Minimizing Bearing Bias in Tracking by De-coupled Rotation and Translation Estimates

Raman Arora, Maya Gupta

Target Tracking in Uncertain Multipath Environments Using Viterbi Data Association

Li Li, Jeffrey Krolik


Multiple Emitter Localization Using a Realistic Airborne Array Sensor

Marc Oispuu, Marek Schikora

Direct Localization and Detection of Multiple Sources in Multi-Path Environments

Bruno Demissie

Shooter Localization Using Soldier-Worn Gunfire Detection Systems

Jemin George, Lance Kaplan

Gas Detection and Source Localization: a Bayesian Approach

Gregor Pavlin, Patrick de Oude, Franck Mignet

Resolving RIPS Measurement Ambiguity in Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Wenchao Li, Xuezhi Wang, Bill Moran

Multi-modal Multi-sensor Data Fusion for Personnel Detection

Multi-Sensory Features for Personnel Detection At Border Crossings

Po-Sen Huang, Thyagaraju Damarla, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Detection of People and Animals Using Non-Imaging Sensors

Thyagaraju Damarla, Asif Mehmood, James Sabatier

Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Personnel Detection

Xin Jin, Shalabh Gupta, Asok Ray, Thyagaraju Damarla

Robust Multi-Sensor Classification Via Joint Sparse Representation

Nam Nguyen, Nasser Nasrabadi, Trac Tran

Belief Functions - Theory

An Empirical Study of Uncertainty Measures in the Fuzzy Evidence Theory

Andriy Burkov, Sébastien Paquet, Guy Michaud, Pierre Valin

Monte-Carlo Approximations for Dempster-Shafer Belief Theoretic Algorithms

Thanuka Wickramarathne, Kamal Premaratne, Manohar Murthi

Redefining Material Implication with Subjective Logic

Audun Jøsang, Zied Elouedi

Contradiction Measures and Specificity Degrees of Basic Belief Assignments

Florentin Smarandache, Arnaud Martin, Christophe Osswald

New Dissimilarity Measures in Evidence Theory

Deqiang Han, Jean Dezert, Chongzhao Han, Yi Yang

Human-based Sensing: From Passive Searching to Active Participation

Specificity and Merging Challenges in Soft Data Association

Megan Hannigan, James Llinas, Kedar Sambhoos

Evaluating Spreading Activation for Soft Information Fusion

Michael Kandefer, Stuart Shapiro

Significant Information Encapsulation and Valence Exploitation (SIEVE) for Discovery

Katie McConky, Rakesh Nagi, Moises Sudit, William Rose, Gary Katz

Temporal Alignment in Soft Information Processing

Deven McMaster, Rakesh Nagi, Kedar Sambhoos

Using Propositional Graphs for Soft Information Fusion

Michael Prentice, Stuart Shapiro

Data Assimilation: Fusion of Numerical Simulations and Data Analyses

Embedding Reality in a Numerical Simulation with Data Assimilation

Tomoyuki Higuchi

Hybrid Wind Tunnel Based on Ensemble Kalman Filter

Hiroshi Kato, Shigeru Obayashi

Sequential Data Assimilation in Geotechnical Engineering and Its Application to Seepage Analysis

Kazuyuki Nakamura, Shinya Yamamoto, Makoto Honda

Estimation of Macroscopic Parameter in Agent-based Pandemic Simulation

Masaya Saito, Seiya Imoto, Rui Yamaguchi, Satoru Miyano, Tomoyuki Higuchi

Fault Parameter Estimation with Data Assimilation on Infrasound Variations Due to Big Earthquakes

Hiromichi Nagao, Naoki Kobayashi, Shin’ya Nakano, Tomoyuki Higuchi

Gaussian Mixtures

Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Filter Based on Statistical Linearization

Marco Huber

A Look At Gaussian Mixture Reduction Algorithms

David Crouse, Peter Willett, Krishna Pattipati, Lennart Svensson

Sparse Mixture Conditional Density Estimation by Superficial Regularization

Peter Krauthausen, Patrick Ruoff, Uwe Hanebeck

Component Pruning Based on Entropy Distribution in Gaussian Mixture PHD Filter

Xiaoxi Yan, Chongzhao Han, Hongyan Zhu

Extended Object and Group Target Tracking: Part 3

Tracking Rectangular and Elliptical Extended Targets Using Laser Measurements

Karl Granström, Christian Lundquist, Umut Orguner

Extended and Multiple Target Tracking: Evaluation of an Hybridization Solution

Benjamin Pannetier, Jean Dezert

Tracking of Aircraft Groups in an Operational Air Surveillance System

Wolfgang Konle

Video Data and Sonar Data: Real World Data Fusion Example

David Krout, Greg Okopal, Evan Hanusa

Multiple Target Tracking

Using Symmetric State Transformations for Multi-Target Tracking

Marcus Baum, Uwe Hanebeck

Myriad Target Tracking in a Dusty Plasma

Neil Oxtoby, Jason Ralph, Céline Durniak, Dmitry Samsonov

Efficient Data Association for 3D Passive Sensors: If I Have Hundreds of Targets and Ten Sensors (Or More)

Shuo Zhang, Yaakov Bar-Shalom

Optimal Gaussian Filtering for Polynomial Systems Applied to Association-free Multi-Target Tracking

Marcus Baum, Benjamin Noack, Frederik Beutler, Dominik Itte, Uwe Hanebeck

Deployment Strategies for Sensor Networks

A Coverage Dominance Approach for Sensor Deployment Optimization

Albert Ko, Anne-Laure Jousselme, Patrick Maupin

Optimal Density of Sensors for Distributed Detection in Single-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks

Vibhav Kapnadak, Edward Coyle

Least and Most Favorable Distributions for the Design of Randomly Deployed Sensor Detection Systems

Benedito Fonseca, Jr., John Gubner

A Modular Architecture for Optimal Video Analytics Deployment

Benoit Debaque, Rym Jedidi, Guillaume Dumont, Donald Prevost


Sequential Bayesian Inference Models for Multiple Object Classification

Sean Martin

Entropic Priors for Short-Term Stochastic Process Classification

Francesco Palmieri, Domenico Ciuonzo

Determining Intent Using Hard/Soft Data and Gaussian Process Classifiers

Steven Reece, Stephen Roberts, David Nicholson, Chris Lloyd

Target Classification Using Knowledge-Based Probabilistic Model

Wenyin Tang, K. Z. Mao, Lee Onn Mak, Gee Wah Ng, Zhaoyang Sun, Ji Hua Ang, Godfrey Lim

Information Fusion with Imprecise Probabilities

The Imprecise Noisy-OR Gate

Alessandro Antonucci

A Box Particle Filter for Stochastic and Set-theoretic Measurements with Association Uncertainty

Amadou Gning, Branko Ristic, Lyudmila Mihaylova

Classification with Imprecise Likelihoods: a Comparison of TBM, Random Set and Imprecise Probability Approach

Alessio Benavoli, Branko Ristic

Networked Information Fusion: Integrating Comm and Fusion Processes for Enhanced Detection in Urban Scenarios

Transmission Control Policy Design for Decentralized Detection in Tree Topology Sensor Networks

Ashraf Tantawy, Xenofon Koutsoukos, Gautam Biswas

Fusion for the Detection of Dependent Signals Using Multivariate Copulas

Arun Subramanian, Ashok Sundaresan, Pramod Varshney

Fusing Distributed Muzzle Blast and Shockwave Detections

Janos Sallai, Peter Volgyesi, Ken Pence, Akos Ledeczi

Intelligent Systems for High Level Information Fusion

Implementing a Real-Time Locating System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Artificial Neural Networks to Mitigate the Multipath Effect

Dante Tapia, Ricardo Alonso, Sara Rodriguez, Fernando de la Prieta, Juan Corchado, Javier Bajo

Enhancing Activity Recognition by Fusing Inertial and Biometric Information

Henar Martín, Ana Bernardos, Paula Tarrío, José Casar

A Customer Support Application Using Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems

Jaume Jordán, Stella Heras, Vicente Julián

Particle Filtering 2

Histogram PMHT with Particles

Samuel Davey

Decomposed Particle Filtering and Track Swap Estimation in Tracking Two Closely Spaced Targets

Henk Blom, Edwin Bloem

Particle Filter for Extracting Target Label Information When Targets Move in Close Proximity

Ángel García-Fernández, Mark Morelande, Jesús Grajal

Particle Based Probability Density Fusion with Differential Shannon Entropy Criterion

Jiří Ajgl, Miroslav Šimandl

Multistatic Tracking: Part 1

Random Finite Set Markov Chain Monte Carlo Predetection Fusion

Ramona Georgescu, Peter Willett

Hybrid Intensity and Likelihood Ratio Tracking (iLRT) Filter for Multitarget Detection

Roy Streit, Bryan Osborn, Kirill Orlov

Clutter Rejection by Clustering Likelihood-Based Similarities

Evan Hanusa, David Krout, Maya Gupta

A Comparison of the ML-PDA and the ML-PMHT Algorithms

Steven Schoenecker, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom

Forecasting Probability of Target Presence for Ping Control in Multistatic Sonar Networks Using Detection and Tracking Models

Cherry Wakayama, Doug Grimmett, Zelda Zabinsky

Multiple Model Track Filtering 1

Design of Nearly Constant Velocity Track Filters for Brief Maneuvers

W. Dale Blair

Tracking Maneuvering Targets with a Soft Bound on the Number of Maneuvers

Daniel Sigalov, Yaakov Oshman

Target Localization and Course Change Detection Using Bearing and Bearing Rate Measurements

Julian Hörst, Marc Oispuu

Sequential Multiple-Model Detection of Target Maneuver Termination

Yu Liu, X. Rong Li

Video Tracking

Fusion of Region and Point-Feature Detections for Measurement Reconstruction in Multi-Target Kalman Tracking

Michael Teutsch, Wolfgang Krüger, Jürgen Beyerer

Multiple Source Data Fusion Via Sparse Representation for Robust Visual Tracking

Yi Wu, Erik Blasch, Genshe Chen, Li Bai, Haibin Ling

Bicycle Tracking Using Ellipse Extraction

Tohid Ardeshiri, Fredrik Larsson, Fredrik Gustafsson, Thomas Schön, Michael Felsberg

Context-Aided Tracking with an Adaptive Hyperspectral Sensor

Andrew Rice, Juan Vasquez

Visual Tracking with Generative Template Model Based on Riemannian Manifold of Covariances

Marcus Chen, Sze Kim Pang, Tat Jen Cham, Alvina Goh

Navigation 1

Navigation and SAR Auto-focusing Based on the Phase Gradient Approach

Zoran Sjanic, Fredrik Gustafsson

Robust Regularized Particle Filter for Terrain Navigation

Achille Murangira, Christian Musso, Karim Dahia, Jean-Michel Allard

Probabilistic Road Estimation and Lane Association Using Radar Detections

Christian Adam, Robin Schubert, Norman Mattern, Gerd Wanielik

A Multi-Sensor Circular Particle Filter Applied to the Fusion of the GPS-L2C Channels

Georges Stienne, Serge Reboul, Monir Azmani, Jean-Bernard Choquel, Mohammed Benjelloun

A Fault Tolerant State Estimation Framework with Application to UGV Navigation in Complex Terrain

Abhijit Sinha, Abir Mukherjee, Xia Liu, Simon Monckton, Greg Broten

Belief Functions - Applications

Multisensor Data Fusion and Belief Functions for Robust Singularity Detection in Signals

Gwénolé Le Moal, George Moraru, Philippe Véron, Marc Douilly, Patrice Rabaté

Edge Detection in Color Images Based on DSmT

Jean Dezert, Zhun-ga Liu, Grégoire Mercier

Change Detection From Remote Sensing Images Based on Evidential Reasoning

Zhun-ga Liu, Jean Dezert, Grégoire Mercier, Quan Pan, Yong-mei Cheng

Application of Referee Functions to the Vehicle-Born Improvised Explosive Device Problem

Frédéric Dambreville

Entropy on Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Its Application in Multi-attribute Decision Making

YingJun Zhang, PeiJun Ma, XiaoHong Su, ChiPing Zhang

Hard/Soft Information Fusion: New Data Sets and Innovative Architectures

A COIN-inspired Synthetic Dataset for Qualitative Evaluation of Hard and Soft Fusion Systems

Jacob Graham, Jeffrey Rimland, David Hall

Evidence Combination for Hard and Soft Sensor Data Fusion

Sayandeep Acharya, Moshe Kam

Identification of Human-Interaction Touch Points for Intelligence Analysis Information Fusion Systems

Michael Jenkins, Ann Bisantz

Hard Sensor Fusion for COIN Inspired Situation Awareness

Matthew Baran, Donald Natale, Richard Tutwiler, Matthew McQuillan, Christopher Griffin, John Daughtry, Jeffrey Rimland, David Hall

Continuous Preservation of Situational Awareness Through Incremental/Stochastic Graphical Methods

Geoff Gross, Rakesh Nagi, Kedar Sambhoos

Mission Planning and Execution

Modeling Fighter Aircraft Mission Survivability

Tina Erlandsson, Lars Niklasson, Per-Johan Nordlund, Håkan Warston

Optimizing Collection Requirements Through Analysis of Plausible Impact

Khiem Tong, Shanchieh Yang, Moises Sudit, Jared Holsopple

Activity Sequence Learning in Mission Critical Tasks

Alper Caglayan, Dustin Burke, Laura Stroh, Subrata Das

Search Analysis for the Underwater Wreckage of Air France Flight 447

Lawrence Stone, Colleen Keller, Thomas Kratzke, Johan Strumpfer

Finite Set Statistics: Tracking Applications

Nonlinear Filtering Using Measurements Affected by Stochastic, Set-Theoretic and Association Uncertainty

Branko Ristic, Amadou Gning, Lyudmila Mihaylova

Multi-Target Tracking for Measurement Models with Additive Contributions

Frederic Thouin, Santosh Nannuru, Mark Coates

Sequential Monte Carlo Method for the iFilter

Marek Schikora, Wolfgang Koch, Roy Streit, Daniel Cremers

Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Multi-target Tracking

Anh-Tuyet Vu, Ba-Ngu Vo, Rob Evans

Pedestrian Tracking Using Random Finite Sets

Stephan Reuter, Klaus Dietmayer

Multistatic Tracking: Part 2

Multiple Detection Probabilistic Data Association Filter for Multistatic Target Tracking

Biruk Habtemariam, R. Tharmarasa, Thia Kirubarajan, Douglas Grimmett, Cherry Wakayama

A Polynomial-Adaptive Scheme for Bayesian Tracking

Jason Aughenbaugh, Jason Kurtz, Brian La Cour

SPECSweb Post-Tracking Classification Method

Doug Grimmett, Cherry Wakayama

A Gaussian Mixture Motion Model and Contact Fusion Applied to the Metron Data Set

Kathrin Wilkens, Martina Daun

Performance Analysis of Adaptive Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracking with the Metron Data Sets

Christian Hempel, Jason Pacheco, Tod Luginbuhl

Multiple Model Track Filtering 2

Comparing the State Estimates of a Kalman Filter to a Perfect IMM Against a Maneuvering Target

Mark Silbert, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazzuchi

Object Tracking in Urban Intersections: Active Interacting Multi Model Filter with Handling of Uncertainties of Map Matching

Helgo Dyckmanns, Richard Matthaei, Markus Maurer, Bernd Lichte

Equivalent-Model Augmentation for Variable-Structure Multiple-Model Estimation

Jian Lan, X. Rong Li

Polytopic Model Estimation Using Dirichlet Prior

Vesselin Jilkov, Jaipal Katkuri, X. Rong Li

Linear Optimal Estimation Problems in Systems with Actuator Faults

Daniel Sigalov, Yaakov Oshman

Resource Management & Scheduling

A Theoretical Look At Information-Driven Sensor Management Criteria

Edson Aoki, Arunabha Bagchi, Pranab Mandal, Yvo Boers

Optimal Allocation of Multi-Platform Sensor Resources for Multiple Target Tracking

Gary Asnis, Sam Blackman

Decentralized Cooperative Urban Tracking of Multiple Ground Targets by a Team of Autonomous UAVs

Michael Hirsch, Héctor Ortiz-Peña, Moises Sudit

Implementing Interval Algebra to Schedule Mechanically Scanned Multistatic Radars

R. Focke, L. Wabeke, J. de Villiers, M. Inggs

Mutual Information Scheduling for Ranking

Hamza Aftab, Nevin Raj, Paul Cuff, Sanjeev Kulkarni

Signal and Image Processing

Adaptive Model-Based Visual Stabilization of Image Sequences Using Feedback

Evgeniya Bogatyrenko, Uwe Hanebeck

Parallel Flux Tensor Analysis for Efficient Moving Object Detection

Kannappan Palaniappan, Ilker Ersoy, Guna Seetharaman, Shelby Davis, Praveen Kumar, Raghuveer Rao, Richard Linderman

Hyperspectral Image Enhancement Based on Sensor Simulation and Vector Decomposition

Ankush Khandelwal, K. Rajan

Hierarchical Fusion Using Vector Quantization for Visualization of Hyperspectral Images

Parul Shah, Jayalakshmi M., Shabbir Merchant, Uday Desai

Fusion of Live Audio Recordings for Blind Noise Reduction

Aaron Ballew, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Chung Chieh Lee

Soft Fusion and Social Anthropology

Situation Management in Counter-Insurgency Operations: An Overview of Operational Art and Relevant Technologies

James Llinas

Bayesian Analysis of Sentiment Surveys

Jose Alavedra, Laura Stroh, Alper Caglayan, Subrata Das

Toward Formal Reasoning with Epistemic Policies About Information Quality in the Twittersphere

Brian Ulicny, Mieczyslaw Kokar

Situation Assessment

The Role of Information Fusion in Providing Analytical Rigor for Intelligence Analysis

Michael Moskal, Moises Sudit, Kedar Sambhoos

Modeling a Probabilistic Ontology for Maritime Domain Awareness

Rommel Carvalho, Richard Haberlin, Paulo Costa, Kathryn Laskey, K. C. Chang

Improving Maritime Situational Awareness by Fusing Sensor Information and Intelligence

A. van den Broek, R. Neef, P. Hanckmann, S. van Gosliga, D. van Halsema

Enterprise Information Fusion

Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal, Lipika Dey

Density Representations for Tracking

A Spline Filter for Multidimensional Nonlinear State Estimation

Xiaofan He, Ratnasingham Tharmarasa, Donna Kocherry, Bhashyam Balaji, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan

Online Clutter Estimation Using a Gaussian Kernel Density Estimator for Target Tracking

X. Chen, R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan, M. Pelletier

Progressive Correction for Deterministic Dirac Mixture Approximations

Patrick Ruoff, Peter Krauthausen, Uwe Hanebeck

Track Fusion

Heterogeneous Track-to-Track Fusion

Ting Yuan, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Xin Tian

On the Globalized Likelihood Function for Exact Track-To-Track Fusion At Arbitrary Instants of Time

Felix Govaers, Wolfgang Koch

Track-to-Track Association with Augmented State

Richard Osborne, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Peter Willett

Analysis of Track Fusion Using the Reduced State Estimator

George Foster

Radar Target Tracking

Dismount Tracking by Fusing Measurements From a Constellation of Bistatic Narrowband Radar

Chris Kreucher

GMTI Tracking in the Presence of Doppler and Range Ambiguities

Michael Mertens, Ulrich Nickel

Adaptive Air-to-Air Target Tracking in Severe Jamming Environment

Michael Feldmann, Ulrich Nickel, Wolfgang Koch

Recursive LMMSE Centralized Fusion with Recombination of Multi-radar Measurements

Zhansheng Duan, Yimin Wang, X. Rong Li

Robust Nonlinear Filtering

Target Positioning and Tracking in Degenerate Geometry

Chun Yang, Lance Kaplan, Erik Blasch, Michael Bakich

Altitude Estimation for 3-D Tracking with Two 2-D Radars

Yothin Rakvongthai, Jifeng Ru, Siva Sivananthan, Soontorn Oraintara

Enhanced Sequential Nonlinear Tracking Filter with Denoised Pseudo Measurements

Gongjian Zhou, Nenglong Zhao, Tianjiao Fu, Taifan Quan, Thia Kirubarajan

Improving Results of Rational Non-Linear Observation Functions Using a Kalman Filter Correction

Thomas Féraud, Roland Chapuis, Romuald Aufrére, Paul Checchin


Supervised Learning in CINets

Paul Bruhn, Jeffrey Weinschenk

Distributed Active Learning with Application to Battery Health Management

Huimin Chen, X. Rong Li

Effective Multimodal Information Fusion by Structure Learning

Jana Kludas, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet

Data and Information Representation

Fusion of Disparate Information Through Joint Embeddings

David Marchette, Jeffrey Solka

Measurement-to-Track Association for Nontraditional Measurements

Ronald Mahler

Same World, Different Words: Augmenting Sensor Output Through Semantics

Anne-Laure Jousselme, Valentina Dragos, Anne-Claire Boury-Brisset, Patrick Maupin

On Bayesian Interpretation of Fact-finding in Information Networks

Dong Wang, Tarek Abdelzaher, Hossein Ahmadi, Jeff Pasternack, Dan Roth, Manish Gupta, Jiawei Han, Omid Fatemieh, Hieu Le, Charu Aggarwal

Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval

Fusion Analysis of Information Retrieval Models on Biomedical Collections

Yanjun Li, Ningtao Shi, D. Frank Hsu

Contexts, Co-texts and Situations in Fusion Domain

Giovanni Ferrin, Lauro Snidaro, Gian Foresti

Fusion of Natural Language Propositions: Bayesian Random Set Framework

Adrian Bishop, Branko Ristic

Fusion of Simplified Entity Networks From Unstructured Text

Chan Ho Keong, Zhang Xing Hu, Lee Hian Beng

Biopharma Safety Signal Intelligence

Practical Experience in Enterprise Terminology Management

Andrew Lin

Pharmacovigilance, Signal Detection and Signal Intelligence Overview

Atsuko Shibata, Manfred Hauben

Data Fusion Aspects of Pharmacovigilance

Roy Streit, Jeffrey Silver

Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) and Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) in Safety Signal Intelligence

Charlynn Clayton, Andrew Lin, Janine Pitt

Particle Filtering 3

Ground Multiple Target Tracking with a Network of Acoustic Sensor Arrays Using PHD and CPHD Filters

Emre Özkan, Mehmet Guldogan, Umut Orguner, Fredrik Gustafsson

Data Fusion in a Multistatic Radar Network Using Covariance Intersection and Particle Filtering

Gokhan Soysal, Murat Efe

Combined Particle and Smooth Variable Structure Filtering for Nonlinear Estimation Problems

S. Andrew Gadsden, Darcy Dunne, Saeid Habibi, Thia Kirubarajan

Information Fusion Performance Evaluation: Part 1

Performance Measures for Multiple Target Tracking Problems

A. Gorji, R. Tharmarasa, Thia Kirubarajan

Incorporating Track Uncertainty Into the OSPA Metric

Sharad Nagappa, Daniel Clark, Ronald Mahler

Track Purity and Current Assignment Ratio for Target Tracking and Identification Evaluation

Erik Blasch, Pierre Valin

Posterior Cramer-Rao Bounds for Doppler Biased Multistatic Range-only Tracking

Xiufeng Song, Peter Willett, Shengli Zhou

Track-Before-Fuse Error Bounds for Tracking Passive Targets

Ben Shapo, Chris Kreucher

Applications of Sensor Fusion

Motion Classification for Cross Traffic in Urban Environments Using Laser and Radar

Richard Matthaei, Helgo Dyckmanns, Bernd Lichte, Markus Maurer

Semi-Active Guidance Using Event Driven Tracking

Jason Ralph, James Davies

An Algorithm for Real Time Estimation of the Flexible UAV Structural Motions Using a Video-based System

Vincenzo Baraniello, Marco Cicala, Luca Cicala

A Bayesian Inference Approach for Batch Trajectory Estimation

Melita Hadzagic, Hannah Michalska

Estimation and Tracking of Excavated Material in Mining

Christopher Innes, Eric Nettleton, Arman Melkumyan

Information Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Localization-Based Detection Under Network Losses

Nageswara Rao

Accuracy Analysis for TDOA Localization in Sensor Networks

Regina Kaune, Julian Hörst, Wolfgang Koch

Channel Aware Target Tracking in Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiaojun Yang, Ruixin Niu, Engin Masazade, Pramod Varshney

Distributed Classification of Multiple Moving Targets with Binary Wireless Sensor Network

Domenico Ciuonzo, Aniello Buonanno, Michele D’Urso, Francesco Palmieri

Navigation 2

Improved Orientation Estimation in Complex Environments Using Low-Cost Inertial Sensors

M. Johnson, T. Sathyan

Second Order Nonlinear Uncertainty Modeling in Strapdown Integration Using MEMS IMUs

Miao Zhang, Jeroen Hol, Laurens Slot, Henk Luinge

Navigation in GPS-Denied Environments

Xiao Ma, Seddik Djouadi, Samir Sahyoun, Paul Crilly, Stephen Smith

Adaptive Kalman Filter for Orientation Estimation in Micro-sensor Motion Capture

Shuyan Sun, Xiaoli Meng, Lianying Ji, Zhipei Huang, Jiankang Wu

Information Fusion under Unknown Dependencies

Covariance Intersection in Nonlinear Estimation Based on Pseudo Gaussian Densities

Benjamin Noack, Marcus Baum, Uwe Hanebeck

Empirical Case-Studies of State Fusion Via Ellipsoidal Intersection

Joris Sijs, Mircea Lazar

Information Measures in Distributed Multitarget Tracking

Murat Uney, Daniel Clark, Simon Julier

Analysis of Set-theoretic and Stochastic Models for Fusion Under Unknown Correlations

Marc Reinhardt, Benjamin Noack, Marcus Baum, Uwe Hanebeck

Network Science from the Data Fusion Perspective: Part 1

Topological Feature Based Classification

Leto Peel

Probabilistic Community Detection in Networks

James Ferry, J. Oren Bumgarner, Stephen Ahearn

Eigenspace Analysis for Threat Detection in Social Networks

Benjamin Miller, Michelle Beard, Nadya Bliss

Adaptive Network Dynamics - Modeling and Control of Time-Dependent Social Contacts

Ira Schwartz, Leah Shaw, Maxim Shkarayev

A Social Network Analysis of the Information Fusion Community

Fredrik Johansson, Christian Mårtenson, Pontus Svenson

Context-based Information Fusion Strategies

Neighborhood-based Regularization of Proposal Distribution for Improving Resampling Quality in Particle Filters

Enrique Martí, Jesús García, José Molina

Exploitation of a Priori Information for Tracking Maritime Intermittent Data Sources

Giulia Battistello, Martin Ulmke

Representation and Exploitation of Context Knowledge in a Harbor Surveillance Scenario

J. Garcia, J. Gomez-Romero, M. Patricio, J. Molina, Gala Rogova

Fusion Based Safety Application for Pedestrian Detection with Danger Estimation

Fernando García, Aturo de la Escalera, José Armingol, Jesús Herrero, James Llinas

inContexto: A Fusion Architecture to Obtain Mobile Context

Gonzalo Blázquez Gil, Antonio Berlanga de Jesús, José Molina

Finite Set Statistics: PHD Methods

Grid Based PHD Filtering by Fast Fourier Transform

Michele Pace, Huilong Zhang

Fast Sequential Monte Carlo PHD Smoothing

Sharad Nagappa, Daniel Clark

Weight Partitioned Probability Hypothesis Density Filters

Darcy Dunne, Thia Kirubarajan

CPHD Filtering with Unknown Clutter Rate and Detection Profile

Ronald Mahler, Ba Tuong Vo, Ba Ngu Vo

Particle Labeling PHD Filter for Multi-Target Track-Valued Estimates

Hongyan Zhu, Chongzhao Han, Yan Lin

Information Fusion Performance Evaluation: Part 2

Performance Prediction of Feature Aided Track-To-Track Association

Shozo Mori, Chee-Yee Chong, K. C. Chang

Optimal Placement of Heterogeneous Sensors in Target Tracking

Chun Yang, Lance Kaplan, Erik Blasch, Michael Bakich

Evaluation of Visual Tracking in Extremely Low Frame Rate Wide Area Motion Imagery

Haibin Ling, Yi Wu, Erik Blasch, Genshe Chen, Haitao Lang, Li Bai

Performance Evaluation of Local State Estimation Methods in Bearings-only Tracking Problems

Ondřej Straka, Jindřich Duník, Miroslav Šimandl

Performance Evaluation for Particle Filters

Rémi Chou, Yvo Boers, Martin Podt, Matthieu Geist

Nonlinear Target Tracking

Fuse-Before-Track Approach to Target State Estimation Using Passive Acoustic Sensors

Chris Kreucher, Ben Shapo

Bearings-Only Target Motion Analysis of a Source in a Circular Constant Speed Motion From a Non-Maneuvering Platform

Julien Clavard, Denis Pillon, Annie-Claude Pignol, Claude Jauffret

Angle-only Filtering in 3D Using Modified Spherical and Log Spherical Coordinates

Mahendra Mallick, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Sanjeev Arulampalam, Yanjun Yan

An Efficient Implementation of the Second Order Extended Kalman Filter

Michael Roth, Fredrik Gustafsson

Track Splitting Technique for the Contact Lens Problem

Xin Tian, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Genshe Chen, Khanh Pham, Erik Blasch

Image Fusion

Method of Image Fusion and Enhancement Using Mask Pyramid

David Zhang, Sek Chai, Gooitzen Van der Wal

An Efficient Adaptive Fusion Scheme for Multifocus Images in Wavelet Domain Using Statistical Properties of Neighborhood

Parul Shah, Shabbir Merchant, Uday Desai

An Optimization-based Approach to Fusion of Multi-Exposure, Low Dynamic Range Images

Ketan Kotwal, Subhasis Chaudhuri

A Novel Image Fusion Scheme by Integrating Local Image Structure and Directive Contrast

Zhang-Shu Xiao, Chong-Xun Zheng

Fusion for Collaborative Sensing

A Dynamic Sensor Placement Algorithm for Dense Sampling

Vineet Bhatawadekar, Duc Fehr, Vassilios Morellas, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos

Enhanced Target Tracking Through Infrared-Visible Image Fusion

Stephen Schnelle, Alex Chan

Heterogeneous Multi-Metric Learning for Multi-Sensor Fusion

Haichao Zhang, Nasser Nasrabadi, Thomas Huang, Yanning Zhang

Non-parametric Bayesian Modeling and Fusion of Spatio-temporal Information Sources

Priyadip Ray, Lawrence Carin

Secure Communication for Mobile Agents in an Adversarial Environment

Sourabh Bhattacharya, Tamer Başar

(Distributed) Multi Sensor Fusion Engines: Part 1

Automatic Adaptation in Classification Algorithms Fusing Data From Heterogeneous Sensors

Robert Nowak, Jacek Misiurewicz, Rafał Biedrzycki

Integration of Contextual Information for Tracking Refinement

Ingrid Visentini, Lauro Snidaro

Low-Complexity Wireless Communication Modeling for Information Flow Control in Sensor Networks

E. van Foeken, M. Kwakkernaat

Sensors Simulation Environment for Sensor Data Fusion

Pavel Pohanka, Juraj Hrabovský, Michal Fiedler

Assessment Procedure with Specific ROC Curves for Comparison of Fusion Engines

Timo Sartor, Norbert Scherer-Negenborn, Eckart Michaelsen, Klaus Jäger

Network Science from the Data Fusion Perspective: Part 2

Bow-tie Decomposition in Directed Graphs

Rong Yang, Leyla Zhuhadar, Olfa Nasraoui

Low-level Multi-INT Sensor Fusion Using Entropic Measures of Dependence

Paul Deignan, Mark Wong, Alexander Douglass

Network Discovery Using Wide-Area Surveillance Data

Steven Smith, Andrew Silberfarb, Scott Philips, Edward Kao, Christian Anderson

A Local Dependence Measure and Its Application to Screening for High Correlations in Large Data Sets

Kumar Sricharan, Alfred Hero, Bala Rajaratnam

Decision Support

Definition of bba and Quality of Fusion in C2 Systems

Ksawery Krenc, Adam Kawalec, Tadeusz Pietkiewicz

Recursive Joint Decision and Estimation Based on Generalized Bayes Risk

Yu Liu, X. Rong Li

Cautious OWA and Evidential Reasoning for Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Jean-Marc Tacnet, Jean Dezert

User Information Fusion Decision Making Analysis with the C-OODA Model

Erik Blasch, Richard Breton, Pierre Valin, Eloi Bosse

A Knowledge-Based System for Multiple Hypothesis Sensemaking Support

Jean Roy, Alexandre Bergeron Guyard

Grid-based Methods

Non-linear Bayesian Filtering by Convolution Method Using Fast Fourier Transform

Huilong Zhang

Particle-inspired Motion Updates for Grid-Based Bayesian Trackers

Jason Aughenbaugh, Brian La Cour

Sparsity-aware Kalman Tracking of Target Signal Strengths on a Grid

Shahrokh Farahmand, Georgios Giannakis, Geert Leus, Zhi Tian

MHT Advancements

Accurate Murty's Algorithm for Multitarget Top Hypothesis Extraction

Xiaofan He, Ratnasingham Tharmarasa, Michel Pelletier, Thia Kirubarajan

Multiple Hypothesis Tracking with Multiframe Assignment Using Range and Range-rate Measurements

T. Sathyan, S. Arulampalam, M. Mallick

The Set MHT

David Crouse, Peter Willett, Lennart Svensson, Daniel Svensson, Marco Guerriero

Aggregate Surveillance: a Cardinality Tracking Approach

Stefano Coraluppi, Craig Carthel

(Distributed) Multi Sensor Fusion Engines: Part 2

Situation and Threat Assessment for Urban Scenarios in a Distributed Adaptive System

S.P. van den Broek, P. Hanckmann, M. Ditzel

Dynamic Process Integration Framework: a Novel Approach to Efficient Implementation of Robust Distributed Information Fusion Systems

Gregor Pavlin, Patrick de Oude, Michiel Kamermans, Frans Groen

System Design for Distributed Adaptive Observation Systems

Maarten Ditzel, Leon Kester, Sebastiaan van den Broek

An Information Fusion Semantic and Service Enablement Platform: the FusionLab Approach

Amandine Bellenger, Xavier Lerouvreur, Sylvain Gatepaille, Habib Abdulrab, Jean-Philippe Kotowicz