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Honorary Chairman
Dr. Lotfi A Zadeh
UC-Berkeley, USA

General Chairman
Dr. Dongping Daniel Zhu
Zaptron Systems, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

General Co-Chairman
Dr. Rabinder N. Madan
Office of Naval Research
Arlington, VA, USA

General Vice Chairman
Prof. Hamid Arabnia
University of Georgia
Athens, GA, USA

Steering Committee Chair
Dr. X. Rong Li
University of New Orleans
Louisiana, USA

Program Co-Chairs
Mr. Michael Falco
Northrop Grumman
Melbourne, FL, USA

Technical Co-Chairs
Dr. Donald Kewley
The Defense Department
Canberra, Australia

Publicity Chair
Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy
Dynetics, Inc.
Huntsville, AL

Steering Committee
Dr. Radhakisan Baheti
National Science Foundation

Dr. Mark Bedworth

Dr. Chee-Yee Chong
Booz-Allen & Hamilton

Prof. R. Conners
Virginia Tech, USA

Dr. Oliver Drummond
Culver City, CA

Dr. Alfonso Farina

Prof. Gui-Rong Guo
National University of
Defense Technology, China

Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa
University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Ivan Kadar
Northrop Grumman, NY

Prof. James Llinas
SUNY Buffalo, NY

Dr. Ronald P. Mahler

Prof. Daniel McMichael
CSSIP, Australia

Dr. Shozo Mori
Raytheon TI Systems

Prof. Tzvetan Semerdjiev Academy of Sciences
Sofia, Bulgarian

Prof. Pramod Varshney
Sycacuse University, USA

Advisory Board
Prof. Lynn Abbott
Virginia Tech, USA

Dr. Shui Cheung
FAA Technical Center

Prof. Yaakov Bar-Shalom
Univ of Conneticut, USA

Prof. Jerry Mendel
U. of Southern California

Dr. Enrique Ruspini
SRI Internatonal, USA

Prof. Zhongtuo Wang
Dalian Univ of Tech, China

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Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy

Co-Sponsored by
National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research,
Army Research Office, Army Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate,

in cooperation with
IEEE Signal Processing Society

FUSION'98 -- First International Conference on
Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion

July 6 - 9, 1998
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Organized by
Computer Science Research, Education & Applications Tech
Zaptron Systems, Inc.

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International Society of Information Fusion
(created out of Fusion'98)

You are visitor number since October 30, 1997

                About FUSION98

The First International Conference on Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion (Fusion98) will be held between July 6 - 9, 1998 at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, concurrently with International Conference on Image Science, Systems and Technologe (CISST98) and International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA98). All aspects of sensor data fusion techniques and systems are included in the more than 20 technical sessions of FUSION'98. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The conference also offers keynote speeches and plenary talks by invited people. Commercial exhibits will showcase latest products by vendors.

FUSION98 technical programs cover three major areas:
1. Architectures (all system issues);
2. Algorithms (design, development, SW/HW implementations);
3. Applications (across all domains: defense, civilian, robotics, commercial, medical, business, finance, polictical economy, social & environmental science, etc.)


To receive FUSION98 updates or add to a mailing list: Contact or register with General Vice Chairman by email

To become an Author (or Tutor): you need to
(1) submit technical paper, a survey paper, or tutorial presentation (free to conference attendees) to Conference Vice Chairman for review,
(2) (if accepted) prepare final manuscript according to instructions,
(3) pay a registration fee for the conference
(4) present it at the conference between July 6 - 9, 1998, in Las Vegas, USA.
Contact General Vice Chairman by email

To become a Committee Member: you need to
(1) submit and present (if accepted) a paper at the conference,
(2) help distribute Call for Papers and collect papers from potential authors,
(3) review technical papers,
(4) other tasks assigned by the conference to promote the conference.

Contact General Chairman by email

To become a Session Chair: you need to
Contact General Chairman with a session title & a short description
2. Email in your name, job title, organization, tel/fax, email, & biograph.
3. help distribute the CALL FOR PAPERS for FUSION98
4. collect, review (with 2 reviewers) and select 6 papers for the session
5. submit and present your own paper(s) at the conference in Las Vegas.
6. you can invite one paper without review for the session

International Society of Information Fusion ?

We plan to initiate The International Society of Information Fusion with your support. If you are interested in becoming a member of such a society or you would just like to be kept informed on information fusion related activites, please fill out Information Fusion Interest Group - Registration Form or Contact the Publicity Chairman by email. Your name will be added to the information fusion database/mailing list.

Suggestions an support are sought on the possbility of a possible new international journal on data and information fusion.

Technical Sessions/Tutorials
If you'd like to organize a session please contact the Chairman
click here for updated sessions and chairpersons

O Sensor data acquisition and testing techniques.
O Sensor technologies (radar, optical, Infrared, Vedio, GPS, etc.)
O Multisensor data fusion in airport security inspection
O Fast Data Association methods
O GPS technologies
O Image-based fusion techniques (video, IR, RF, X-ray, acoustic...)
O Fusion-based pattern recognition and machine intelligence
O Sensor fusion for GPS-based navigation, positioning, guidance
O Track initiation and termination
O Multiple target tracking for military applications (unclassified)
O Air traffic control and aircraft diagnostic systems
O Target and object identification
O Autonomous robot and controls (guidance, path planning, etc)
O Classification using Bayessian probability methods
O Fuzzy logic and expert systems methods
O Neural network methods
O Stochastic methods
O Sensor fusion in factory automation and home automation
O Applications (medicine, telecom, automotive, intelligent highway)
O Algorithms and architectures for digital & radar signal processing
O Dynamical system control theory and Kalman Filters
O Software and hardware systems
O Location detection and acoustic array signal processing
O Informatin fusion in business management applications
O Biometric sensor fusion & fingerprint recognition
O Techniques for Weather and Climate Monitoring & Forecasting
O Fusion-Based Pattern Recognition and Adaptation
O other suggested topics
(some may be tutorial sessions that are free to all attendees)


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